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PHONE:  702-468-5735

Please send me a request for a sample map, and I will send one over!

Basic Pricing Structure

  • $150 for Ground or Aerial Shoots, (JPEG) Photo/Video
  • $50 per Edit, (RAW) Construction, Portraits, Landscape
  • $500 Construction Progress Photo Reports
  • $500 for 2D Mapping (10-20 acres)
  • $750 for Survey Grade 2D Mapping and 3D Models (10-20 acres) up to 100 acres… for more please call.
  • $1000 for Survey Grade Mapping, Models with Blue Print Overlays- Complete Package
  • $200 for Inspection Photos/ Video
  • $500 for Photogrammetry Inspection in 3D with Reports
  • Any Special Request like (3D Model Only or Other) Please call
  • Roofing Reports–  $200 – $500  Depending on the Sq feet
  • Recurring Projects like Construction Reports or Mapping 20% off
  • Mapping Accuracy Guarantee or your money back, No Questions
  • I am a Straight Shooter who is Flexible, Fair, and Professional!
Contact Building America