*Construction Progress Reports*

This is where you can get that much-needed birds-eye view of your site.
High RES Photos and Video, Taken from the same spot every week, bi-weekly or month.
We can build a time-lapse of your project from start to finish, with beautiful imagery. Build a digital permanent record of your site project along with sub-contractors installation. Seeing safety concerns you can not see from the ground.
Photos/Videos are great tools in sub-contractor and owner meetings.
Again progress reports are a permanent record of your site Progress/Sub-Contractors.
Allowing you to see where you are and where you need to be all from your PC!

*Construction Site Mapping with GPCs (Ground Control Points) with RTK GNSS Receivers*

This automated and manual type of flying and very powerful photogrammetry software,
combined with high tech RTK GNSS equipment (NTRIP, Base, Rover) a 3-way point collection.
Will give you centimeter accuracy X, Y, and Z! The ability to measure anything on-site,
including area/volume/slope/distance/elevations. Stockpile calculations and the ability to tag points on the ground anywhere on-site, saving many hours of manned pulled points, time=money.
This is were MCW LLC shines as our efforts are mapping, your GCs, PMs, Engineers, CAD/BIM will be
able to take FULL advantage of this new technology. BluePrint Overlays!
Software is compatible with Autodesk, BlueBeam, ProCore, and more...
Exports- Orthomosaic, Elevation, DEM, 3D Model, Point Cloud, Contour, Shapefile.
Please click on our Drone Deploy link to see more!
Professional Drones and Pilots using this type of technology has PROVEN time and time again
to save builders 10s of thousands of dollars on projects no matter the size, commercial, industrial, and residential.

Drones on hand list:
DJI- P4PV2, Inspire 2, Mavic Pro 2. Autel- EVO PRO 2
Drone Deploy, PIX 4D (Best of the Best)