As-builts are a very important matter in construction. It allows you to know where all changes were made that differ from the contract drawings.  Buildings don’t always get built exactly to plan so using a drone to capture the build from the air during the length of the build is the ideal way to create a record of the project, as-built.

Structures can be modified to resolve problems that were unforeseen during the planning and design stage. Wiring, piping, and cable ducts may be re-routed for the same reason.  Consequently, months or years later when maintenance is required or when changes need to be made, the construction or utility engineers may only have the original plans to refer to and as a result, they may find they are looking in the wrong place.  This can lead to additional costs and wasted time.

The Importance of As-Builts

This is what makes as-builts so important and useful, as long as they are accurate, and capturing the construction phases as they happen in real time will ensure that the as-builts we provide for you will be as accurate as they can be.  They create a record and video format in high resolution for later inspection and planning.

Allowing you to know where things are in the future when changes are needed or upgrades are wanted. So many times a contractor hires a company for example, to saw-cut the floor so the plumbing contractor can tie into the drainage system to add new plumbing and the drain line is not there!  When it was supposed to be there, due to poor as-builts, sadly this happens all the time.

With this new technology, we can overlay contract drawing onto a digital real-life, real-time image or map, at any phase of the project. Giving you the best as-builts in the business!

Keep in mind the best time to map the site where the blueprint overlay will work the best, to show contract drawings vs real-life installation.

Can be printed off at almost any size needed…

Aerial Mapping