Las Vegas Drone Photography and Aerial Mapping Service

 BUILDING AMERICA  MCW LLC. is a Las Vegas drone operator, photographer and aerial mapping specialist. Our services include construction drone photography Las Vegas, drone real estate photography Las Vegas,  real estate aerial photography, drone 3D mapping Las Vegas, drone and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) mapping Las Vegas, and aerial mapping Las Vegas.

Questions About Our Las Vegas Drone Photography and Aerial Mapping Services?

Hiring a Las Vegas drone operator can be an overwhelming task if you don’t ask the right question. For this reason, we came up with some common questions customers ask or should be asking when hiring a professional drone photography service in Las Vegas, NV

What is Las Vegas Aerial Drone Mapping?

Aerial drone mapping covers the mapping a of a location by air via a professionally operated professional drone. With a RTK GPS system that pulls all the points together with real time  coordinates  X,Y and Z. Giving absolute accuracy, survey grade in your 2D and 3D map in real world time with photogrammetry.  The ability to take very precise Measurements, Elevations any were on site, Pull Points and Stock Pile Calculations and so much more…..  see your site at 10,000 ft, see where you are and where you need to be,  ALL from your PC!  Click the Drone Deploy link to see more…

How Does a Las Vegas Drone Photography Company Operate?

It operates off of pilot skill and coordination, with the latest tech in drone advancement , video and photo editing with the latest  software. Mapping for survey or inspection with ground breaking tools like drone deploy. To a time line, or progress photos of your site , subject or matter.  HDR photos of Real Estate, 4K and 6K Video Capabilities.

What License Does a Las Vegas Drone Photography and/Aerial Drone Mapping Company Need?

You need a part 107 licence issued by the FAA (4343657) ( my number)   and liability insurance at 1 MIL. plus. Also a state of NV business licence, Tax ID.  and of course – The Skill and Know How!   Plus a RTK GPS GNSS Receiver Technology, NTRIP,  Software, Super Computer and much more…….   This is just the basics…

Do NOT be taken by unlicensed, uninsured  fly by night companies!

How Does The Aerial Photography Process Work?

Their is many ways this can work depending on your needs, Photos , Video,  Inspection lossless zoom, Mapping, 3D models, It is truly a endless process how a WORKING drone for can benefit your needs. It has saved 10s of thousands of dollars on construction sites and inspections, roofing, 60%  increase in  Real Estate sales.  The list is very long…..

Creative Drone Photography in Las Vegas

Pre Flight

We will work together on the goals you want to set for your project, be for taking flight. Making sure we are on the same page for the best out come. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT HERE!

In the Air

I will get you what you need, HIGH RES PHOTO, 4K VIDEO, creative shots and angles that only a high end drone can deliver. Everyone loves aerial photography!

On the Ground

Here is were the fun can begin, professional photo and video editing. We can turn a dull grey sky into a BEAUTIFUL BLUE SKY!

Aerial Photography

About Us

I have been in the construction and building trades for over 20 years! As a certified welder/ fitter/ plumber, I know construction and I know what you want to see, amazing what you can see from the air also including safety issues!

OSHA 30 on hand! We can give you that birds eye view of your site you been missing out on. Being a construction specialist, this leads us in the real estate market with a upright heavy hand as I build real estate! We know how to conduct ourselves on a job site, or on any field of matter. A Time lapse of your project from start to finish (see your project evolve!) We want to keep on BUILDING AMERICA! MCW LLC NV20161642922, Part 107 Licence, 1 MIL. Insurance.

Drone MAPPING with GPS, GNSS, RTK TECH, Centimeter Absolute accuracy!  Please view our Construction service page…


Robust Structure

All of our drones feature 4K video and High Definition Photos, from 12-20 Mega pixels? with or without Professional edit

Advanced Technology

4K Video, High quality HDR photo, To advanced 2D mapping and 3D modeling with Drone Deploy to get a true to life image of your project, with tools and much more

HD Video Recording

4K TRUE video imagery , Up to 60 FPS , you wont miss a thing , no motion blur , video that looks almost unreal, if you want it!