UAV and Ground Data Collection Service

Why choose Building America?

Building America has over twenty years of experience in the construction industry, a flawless safety record, and is a leading provider of photogrammetry. The bottom line is we know construction, we know what you need to see and we have the tools to make it all happen. We use state of the art drones, RTK GNSS receivers, up-to-date software, and much more. Being on-site is second nature to us and we really enjoy bringing this new technology into the field.

Drone Aerial Inspection

With drone aerial inpsection there is no need to send a man climbing 100+ feet into the air, risking life and limb. When you can send a drone up with lossless zoom capabilities to capture any and all data needed for inspection of work done, work quality, and or proof of contract. Save time and money with a digital record of work done or repairs that are needed, to insurance reports and records for claims made.

Drone Aerial Photography

When it comes to drone photography Las Vegas is an area in which have operated to the satisfaction of several clients within the construction industry. While some construction business owners are old-fashioned in their approach, there are many who are now making the most of the modern technologies that are available to them. One such technology is drone photography, and project managers, site superintendents, and construction workers alike are now discovering the benefits that a drone can offer.

Las Vegas Drone Services

The use of our Las Vegas drone services can offer many benefits to a company, and hiring us will add more value to a business. While the use of drones started off as a fun recreational hobby to take pictures and videos, it has evolved to include many different commercial applications. The use of drones for businesses can help increase efficiency, cost savings, and reduce risk to a company.

The Aerial View

Select each of these sections to see a description of some of the services we provide. From roof inspections to 2D mapping and 3D models, from project imagery and aerial videos to safety reviews, we can give you estimates for any aerial work for your construction project or for any other type for which drone services are required.

Safety & Professional Standards

Safety is our Number 1 priority. We have a safety protocol for each mission. We supply a Part 107 Certified Pilot with $1M Liability Insurance (MCW LLC NV20161642922).

Drone Aerial Inspection

Aerial inspection using drones are one of the easiest and obvious ways of using UAV to save cost and reduce risk. Drones can be used for aerial inspection of buildings and building infrastructure, cell towers, bridges, utility pipe lines, solar parks, wind turbines, roofing of any building, and many more.

Drone Aerial Photography

Everyone knows how versatile drones are for aerial photography, how cost effective they are in comparison to the few alternatives that were available before drones arrived with sufficent camera and gimbal technology attached. Now that they are here there’s no looking back.

2D Mapping & 3D Models

2D mapping and 3D models have become essential requirements in the contruction industry. We provide mapping with RTK GNSS Receivers, Tieing in GCPs (Ground Control Points X, Y, and Z). We use 3 methods; Ntrip, Base Station, and Rover to ensure accuracy.

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