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I have been in the Construction Industry for over 20 years, hands-on as a Certified Welder, Pipe Fitter, and Plumber. At the age of 19, I went through a 5-year apprenticeship and have been a Foreman for the last 10 years. 12 million dollar projects just in my scope of work. I am very proud of my accomplishments in the construction industry and I am now in a position to help companies large and small with their projects.

Moving forward I was able to see the benefits that a professional drone and pilot can bring to the construction industry.  With all my hands-on experience in a variety of roles I was ideally placed to take advantage of the new opportunities that UAV presented in terms of drone inspections and aerial photography.

Drone Inspections Save Time & Money

It is truly amazing what you can see from the air including safety issues and very costly mistakes, being able to map an entire job site with centimeter precision… With that said OSHA 30 on hand ( Safety is our number 1 priority! ) We have a safety protocol for each mission. The bottom line is I know Construction, I know what you need to see, and have the tools to make it all happen. State of the art Drones, RTK GNSS Receivers, Software, and much more. Being on-site is second nature to me and I really Enjoy bringing this new technology into the field!  Please check out the Construction Page, 2D and 3D Mapping Page, and the Aerial Inspection Page. 107 Certified Pilot, 1 Mil. Liability Insurance, MCW LLC   NV20161642922. Let’s keep BUILDING AMERICA


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